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Today's first athlete run-in story touches on something we've always wondered about athletes: Do any of them have any idea how to cook? (We wonder odd things sometimes.) From Brian, a former University of Connecticut student and occassional acquaintance of current Chicago Bull Ben Gordon:

I went to UConn and saw current Bulls and former Huskies guard Ben Gordon at a party. This genius took a Tombstone pizza out of someone's freezer and unwrapped the plastic. Instead of popping this pizza into the oven, he turned a stovetop burner on and placed the pizza on there. Failing to take the cardboard off of the bottom, Ben's pizza started smoking up the entire apartment til the owner noticed and yelled across a crowded party "what the hell are you doing?" Ben replied in kind: "Chill son, I'm cooking suttin."


To be fair, this pretty much sums up our college experience as well. Except there was more nitrous.

Athlete Run-Ins: When This Port-a-Potty's Rockin' ... [Deadspin]

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