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Athlete Run-Ins: Craps With Jeff Fisher

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Last week, we held a contest for readers to send in their best athlete run-in stories, and, we're proud to say, we got some doozies. We'll be running a couple a day on the site over the next couple of weeks, and we suspect you will enjoy them.

The first one concerns Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher, a Las Vegas craps table and an odd choice of words wishing good luck. From Andy from New York:

So I was in Las Vegas playing craps at the MGM Grand when a group of large black men came in followed by a little white man. While I am an avid NFL fan, the guys looked so different that I didn't even recognize them, let alone recognize coach Jeff Fisher of the Titans. Anyway, Coach sidled up next to me, and the game went on with little fanfare. When the dice got to me, I began to get really hot and ended up rolling for a very long time. At one point, I was rolling so well that the whole table was cheering and giving me high fives. It was then that Coach Fisher leaned over and said to me, matter of factly, "Son, if you get this 6, I will bend you over the table and fuck you right here in front of all these people."

I replied, "Uhhhh, OK coach." I half-heartedly rolled that 6, and we exchanged awkward glances whose meanings are still a mystery to me.


So this is why Eddie George was always so injured.

Jeff Fisher Bio [Titans Online]

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