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Athlete Run-Ins: Marcus Allen's Active Evening

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Today's final athlete run-in story is amazing for three main reasons:


1. It is from "a former NFL employee."
2. It's about Marcus Allen, who's always entertaining.
3. The raw amount of name dropping present here is staggering and epic. We, of course, love that.

My greatest run in was when Marcus Allen (driftwood) tried to cock-block me at an NFL celebrity shootout in La Costa. I was with this knock-out blonde and thought nothing of it when Allen started talking to the both of us. But then I realized that the dude was starting to hit on her, right in front of me. He never asked if she was my girlfriend or anything; he went right for the kill. Like she cared that rushed for more than 1,000 yards in three of his 30 NFL seasons.

Allen finally walked away when Kristy Swanson (before her Playboy shoot) came running in from nowhere to start hanging on Allen's jock. Swanson, a huge sports fan, wanted to take the overrated running back home that night. But it never happened. An hour or two later, Allen was begging some front office NFL staffer to help get rid of Swanson because he was going back to his room with Lisa Dergan, who was covering the event for Fox Sports. Marcus might have made a play for Leeann Tweeden, but she was tied up with Marcellus Wiley who was the DJ for the event (dat dude entertainment, DJ wild style 75).

Sadly, Bonnie Bernstein was seen walking back to her La Costa village room by herself.


Yeah, that story made our head spin a little bit. In related news, the other night we ate Spaghetti-O's in the shape of Batman characters out of the can while watching the Sklar brothers. So our lives? Equally exciting.

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