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As you might have heard already, a few players on the North Carolina football team had a scary incident. And make no mistake: It was a scary incident. It's one of those things that sounds funny on the surface but is actually creepier than one would think.

To recap, three North Carolina players were abducted and fondled at knife point by two woman (and one enforcer guy who made them stay in place). It looks like an initially consensual situation that suddenly, bizarrely, turned bad.

The other two [players] apparently had some consensual sexual contact with the women, but became uncomfortable and wanted to stop, Whitney said. At some point the players' hands were bound with tape. One of the players called 911, and police arrived about 3:30 a.m., finding two of the men in their boxers. The third player was clothed, Whitney said. One player said when he asked a woman to stop touching him, both Taylor and Washington began punching him in the head, Whitney said.

In one account given in court Thursday, one player said Lewis stood naked with a butcher knife at his neck, that the player's pants were pulled off and that someone tried to tie his hands with a belt.


See what we mean? At first blush, funny story! Football players molested by women! Wee! But when you toss in the butcher knife to the neck part — oh, and the eventual robbery part — it's somewhat less amusing. Though we bet Butch Davis still recruits the women.

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