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Attempted Nuclear Wedgie Fails To Prevent Devin Booker From Defending His Honor

In the third quarter of Tuesday night’s Timberwolves-Suns game, with the Suns already getting their inconsequential asses kicked off, Timberwolves guy Gorgui Dieng caught trumped-up Suns guy Devin Booker with a stray elbow following a Suns turnover. Performative toughness ensued.

During the dead-ball reset, Booker appeared to take exception to something Dieng muttered in his direction, and confronted Dieng with the strangest little lefty face-tap. I don’t know this move, but I find it simultaneously adorable and infuriating. Maybe that’s the idea!

Referees and teammates intervened before the situation could escalate much beyond there, but ultimately both players were assessed double technical fouls and ejected. That’s when things went from silly to, well, much sillier—Dieng, baffled by his ejection and still pissed from the baby slap, challenged Booker to meet him in the tunnel. Booker, so intent upon defending his honor that he literally towed a Suns security staffer into the bowels of the arena, was eager to oblige. I’m sure they met in a furious clash and beat the shit out of each other, and were not waylaid by arena personnel just in the nick of time.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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