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Attention Nationals Fans: You Don't Deserve Stephen Strasburg (Disappointed Newlywed Update)

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I don't mean that in some kind of larger, cosmic sense. I just mean that if you came out to the ballpark Tuesday, expecting to see Strasburg pitch, the team doesn't owe you anything after scratching him from his start.


First, I should clarify that I'm not talking to Nationals fans. I'm talking to Strasburg fans, the 17,000 more people who come to every fifth game. Actual Nationals fans should have been thrilled with Tuesday's game. They beat a first-place team. They even shut them out. And they handed out pretty snazzy free t-shirts at the gates.

No, I'm talking to the vocal minority who've been complaining that they came to see a phenom/phenomenon, and got Miguel Batista instead. Steinberg reports fans leaving early, and demanding refunds or credits toward future games.


Rovell got in on it today, quoting two "experts" who think the team should have offered coupons for food, or discounts on season ticket plans. Then he gives his own idea: get Strasburg, after he goes to the hospital to get an MRI, to return to the park and do a meet-and-greet with fans.

Why stop there? When Bryce Harper comes up next year, offer refunds for the games he gets a day off. And should he go on the DL, make him spend each of the 15 days, from 9-to-5, signing autographs at Five Guys.

You're lucky to have Strasburg, Nats fans. (And all your team had to do to get him was refuse to spend enough money to offer even a mediocre product.) Treasure him. Smother him with love. Build a shrine in your closet. But don't blast the team for keeping the goose that lays the golden eggs safe in his coop.

Oh, and Strasburg went on the DL today with an inflamed throwing shoulder, the type of injury that gets worse if not properly rested. Hope you like Miguel Batista in your rotation!


UPDATE: And here's a pair of young marrieds who drove four hours just to watch Strasburg start.
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