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Common courtesy dictates that you don't take photographs of half-naked strangers without their permission. Also, when you get caught doing so by said strangers, you should fess up instead of lying. This advice might seem obvious, but not so to three unnamed members of the basketball media.


According to, after Sunday's win against Orlando, LeBron James was sitting in only a towel at his locker, looking at his phone. The assembled media were either busy interviewing other players, or waiting ten feet away for LeBron to speak with them. But then LeBron spotted something out of the ordinary:

Then all of a sudden James looked up with a baffled expression plastered on his face and signaled over a team official. Those who saw how his demeanor abruptly changed were curious to what had occurred.

It turned out that James did the equivalent of a no-look pass. Even though his head was lowered, using his peripheral vision, he some somehow [sic] managed to catch one of the media delegates taking a picture of him while he was semi-bare.

"That's not cool, man," James said. "I don't miss anything."

This person denied taking the photo and was able to manipulate his phone gallery in such a way that buried the most recent pictures taken. He got away, but others were not so successful the very next night in Miami.


You don't need to be a veteran of the media to understand that when everybody is leaving somebody alone and he's only dressed in a towel, it isn't the best time to be snapping a pic to put up on Facebook to show your buds how close you got to LeBron. But we all make mistakes, and a "sorry, I didn't know, I'll delete it," instead of lying, could have gone a long way.

Amazingly, it happened to LeBron again the next night too:

Following a 106-92 loss to the Heat on Monday, James was addressing the media at his stall. On this occasion he spoke to the contingent immediately and had not gotten dressed yet. A towel was all he had on at that moment.

In the back of the scrum surrounding him, two media members in plain view were rapidly snapping photos of James with their phones while he was answering questions. This time team personnel caught the suspects in the act and removed them from the locker room.

Besides the fact that still photography is prohibited in NBA locker rooms, shitty cell phone photos of the normal media scrum surrounding LeBron in the locker room have no professional value. They're not going to accompany a story nor do they let fans (like video does) hear the player in their own words. LeBron was speaking with the media at the time so it's not quite the same situation as above, but c'mon guys. Let's either follow a sensible rule, or, failing that, use some common sense.


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