Aubrey Huff Hurt Himself Celebrating Matt Cain's Perfect Game

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Baseball players: can they stop getting injured in ludicrous ways? No, they can not, and we are thankful for it.

The latest: Aubrey Huff, who blew out his knee hopping the dugout railing after the final out of Matt Cain's perfect game. Huff tried to be the cool dude, but tripped on the railing and landed smack on his knee. (There's an animated gif at the link.) He's getting an MRI today, and Bruce Bochy says the disabled list is a possibility.


This follows less than two weeks on the heels of the Mets' celebration of Johan Santana's no-hitter. In that one, reliever Ramon Ramirez strained his hamstring running in from the bullpen to join the party on the mound. He's still on the DL from that one.


The Angels notably changed their rules regarding walk-off celebrations after Kendrys Morales fractured his leg stomping on home plate. Could we see similar rules put in place for no-hitters: no dogpiles, no sprinting to the mound? That cause might need a different poster child. Huff has a negative WAR in limited action this season, meaning a DL stint would technically make the Giants better.

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