This Is Just Wrong. This is disagreeable on so many levels, that PETA is just going to have to wait in line.

The funniest part is how she assumes dipping the lizard in ketchup is going to help. [Fire Perno Blog]

I Wish They All Could Be California Girls. So one guy spent the majority of his time at the Rose Bowl taking pictures of the USC Song Girls. Not that there's anything's wrong with that. [The Sports Culture]

Charlies Barkley's Wife Knows How To Vibrate. Maureen Barkley loves the Total Body Vibration Machine. And apparently so does Charles. [Bob's Blitz]

Ice, Ice Baby. Is the NHL's Winter Classic the single best regular season sporting event of the year? My vote is still for any Kimbo Slice fight. [The Golden Spoke]


Red Raider, Red Raider Send This One Right Over. Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree going pro? One blog says yes. [Dallas Basketball]