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Auburn Pep Rally Turns Into Sappy Sing-A-Long

Things have been a little contentious at Auburn the last few days, so at a pep rally last night, the community decided the best show to show solidarity and focus on their championship aspirations, and not the current unpleasantness, was a sing-a-long.

And when you think "sing-a-long in Alabama," you think "Lean On Me."

Long the staple of movies where a group of friends comes together, usually during a road trip or another friend's funeral, Bill Withers's 1972 jam is the obvious choice for this sort of event. Auburn knows there's always tomorrow. Whether it's the tomorrow where they likely trounce Georgia (the literal one), the tomorrow where they might have to forfeit this season, or the tomorrow when this scandal blows over and we all return to our mutual loathing of Ohio State. I guess that's a nice sentiment.


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