In honor of David Ortiz's Roger Bannister moment last night, an Aural Secs is in order. Unlike frequent Aural Secs subject Usain Bolt, Ortiz is quite slow, so we're going with the final chord in "A Day In The Life."

What's more impressive here? The fact that John and Paul (and two others) hit that E-major perfectly or that Ortiz still looks winded after circling the paces at a glacial pace? It's the amazing musicianship part, of course, but humor me for a moment. Ortiz has had such an up-and-down last five years, shouldn't we be celebrating that he's sorta gotten his groove back? Or should we start a pool over which home run will be the one to give him a massive coronary?


Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Skeleton crew this evening as we're off to celebrate the release of Rules of the Game with some people from Harper's and a brewery from Kings County. Here's another in our series of ingruous athlete mixtapes: