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Austrian Hockey Players Will Question Your Sexuality In Perfect English

Austria lost to Denmark in a Hockey World Championship qualifier last week, but at least Oliver Setzinger got a chance to get to know his fans and their preferences for fellatio.

Setzinger took a trip to the penalty box in the third period against the Danes and television audio picked up his "thanks for coming" chat with a fan from ... Denmark, I guess? Whoever he was arguing with, the announcers seemed to get a kick out of it when he asked the fan "Do you suck cock?" and "Are you gay?" on semi-live European TV.


So I guess we learned two things from this clip. English is the international language of trash talk and no matter what country you come from, the default zinger is to always, always accuse your opponent of being a homo.

Oliver Setzinger - You suck cock? [YouTube]

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