Barry Petchesky
Deputy editor | Deadspin
10/31/19 10:59AM

Thank you for this, I have spent all morning looking for a website to tell me who won last night’s game.

8/23/19 3:51PM

Baseball definitely seems like something Taylor Swift would write a song about, only “baseball” would be a metaphor for boys? Anyway I want royalties when it happens.

8/23/19 3:38PM

I have, for the last eight months or so, been unhappily using one-ply TP that I accidentally bought a case of. So I am an expert. Fold, fold, fold.

8/23/19 3:37PM

Man, it’s not even the best Van Halen song of the ‘80s, not as long as “Unchained” exists.

8/23/19 3:36PM

The short answer is, as long as the people currently here are still here, never. If we’re all gone? Then it’d be time to worry. 

8/08/19 9:42AM

He’s the only radio voice I’ve ever known. I like him, but I genuinely don’t know how much of that is Stockholm syndrome.

6/04/19 1:26PM

If you click the link where I mentioned them, the New Yorker story is really interesting.