Barry Petchesky
Deputy editor | Deadspin
10/18/19 12:47PM

They don’t even have a gunner spread out to the side the punter ran to. There are at least two defenders on that side whose ONLY JOB is to ensure that the ball is kicked away and no bull shit happens. No pullers to gain numbers advantage, no misdirection...just the punter and his open field savvy. You make this call Read more

10/18/19 12:37PM

That Colts play is a masterpiece. It invokes such feelings of despair and helplessness. It’s like watching a hopelessly overmatched kid half-heartedly try something against an opponent, knowing in advance that they’re doomed, and it is so ill-conceived and embarrassing that you can’t even praise them for the effort. Th Read more

10/15/19 9:19AM

So that’s where Jonas Gray disappeared to? I just assumed Belichick had him garrotted by Dante Scarnecchia after he showed up on the cover of Sports Illustrated

10/15/19 9:15AM

Those guys are all classic desperation fantasy waiver wire pickups when your first four options are all dead by Week 14.

10/13/19 4:53PM

I’m a dolphins fan. You know that dreaded feeling, right about now, when you realize you have to go to work really early tomorrow, and it is going to suck? I have it twice a weekend now. Read more

10/13/19 11:57AM

Yeah the announcers today couldn’t quite get it right. It can be attempted after *any* fair catch, but given the circumstances only happens at the ends of halves when the distance is reachable.

10/13/19 11:38AM

Pshaw, I saw Doug Flutie dropkick an extra point. ONLY CALL ME WHEN SUPER WEIRD SHIT HAPPENS.

10/13/19 10:58AM

So when it’s Fenway it’s classic and charming, but when it’s the Garden it’s inconvenient? Make up your mind, Boston fans!

10/13/19 10:48AM

Yeah, there’s no way the Bruins management changed the tread depth (technical seating terminology for the horizontal distance from one row to the next) when replacing seats. So if they didn’t change the seat width either, then the problem must be that the seats themselves take up more room, which points to the padding Read more

10/13/19 10:29AM

As a 6'7 man, I suggest we burn them all at the stake, then parade their charred corpses infront of the younger generation to ensure the message is received.

10/13/19 10:26AM

How the hell does anyone in the middle of a row get up and use the restroom without the entire aisle having to vacate for them? This is infuriating to even look at.

10/13/19 10:20AM

Not defending the team at all here, but I am surprised that more seats=less legroom. I highly doubt they added rows and instead just made the seats narrower to fit more. If I had to guess these seats with more padding and a less upright position took away the legroom, which wasn’t much to begin with. Read more