Dan Gartland
May 9 2015

It’s not as rare as a goalie goal in hockey but takes some major balls to leave the goal unattended 100 yards away. Read more

Jul 10 2014

Lacrosse players/fans have such a Napoleon complex. They constantly feel as though they're being disrespected. Any perceived slight is immediately taken as a personal attack and an attack on the game's worth. It's a shame the game's supporters are such jackasses, because it really is a great sport. Read more

May 16 2014

So I'm graduating from college tomorrow and Tino Martinez is our speaker. That's a terrible commencement speaker, right? He never even batted .300.

Apr 29 2014

Shit like this is why I'm slow to admit I played lacrosse in high school.

Apr 10 2014

I'm just as impressed he came up with the ball while falling on his ass.

Mar 19 2014

Lacrosse players are more under-seeded than Louisville. Lacrosse players turn every argument about lacrosse into an argument against baseball.