Giri Nathan

Shep was the stealth tennis editor for the last three years. ESPN hire this man.
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Shep was the stealth tennis editor for the last three years. ESPN hire this man.

I mean, I just saw millions of them marching to literally save the earth, I don’t give a shit if they play too much Fortnite Read more

Dude was reportedly waking up at 5:30am after games. I don’t understand how it’s physically possible Read more

To be clear—I think this sucks! But it does sum up Jim Butt’s worldview, yes. Read more

They should absolutely play Frank. Both are bad right now, but it is extremely difficult to envision a path for a small, ball-dominant, no-shooting, no-defense point guard to become a valuable NBA player. In FIBA Frank looked like he was starting to put it together, and there’s at least a theory of him that makes Read more

I’m still here. Hope to write more on Bianca soon, probably the most impressive season in tennis. Read more

Thought so too, but I forgot about the old 5-set Masters finals. 2005 Miami, Fed comeback! Read more

not quite the question, but i love a plastic sippy cup Read more

new Jai Paul tracks + the old resurfaced ones, as fresh as anything that came out this year Read more

They have both lost a stepwatch some of those 2008 final rallies to see something that just doesn’t exist anymore—but yeah, it’s still really, insanely good. Read more

The last game of this match was its best. Rafa playing some savage tennis to hang on. It took Federer five match points, but he wins, 7-6(3), 1-6, 6-3, 6-4. Read more

Rafa saves two match points and holds in unbelievable fashion and it’s now 5-4 with Fed trying to serve it out. Read more

Fed is fully refrigerated now. Hitting his strokes calmly and cleanly, just licks the baseline on a forehand to get to deuce on Rafa’s serve. Read more

Another service hold down (featuring a nifty Fed reflex volley). Only one more separates him from the final. Read more

Here’s that ridiculous backhand that Fed smoked: