Laura Wagner
Reporter at Deadspin.
Sep 5 2019

Let’s go Bianca! Would love to see a Andreescu/Williams final.

Sep 5 2019

I feel like she’s going to be #1 for several years and win a ton of majors *or* flame out completely by 25.

Aug 30 2019

Every 15-year-old boy tries to perfect the fist pump and a girl’s the first to do it. Take that, patriarchy!

Aug 6 2019

Athletic subscriber here. Another problem with The Athletic is that the majority of its materials are third-rate puff-pieces, like Shams Charania’s agent-approved press releases, or local beat-writer sugarcoated dross. One of the worst ones was Joe Vardon’s facile interview-profile piece with Pete Buttgieg and Brad Read more

Jul 16 2019

How did he repair the damage done by the inexcusable comments he made on same-sex marriage that drew the ire of gay rights groups and cost him sponsors, including Nike? He kept fighting. Read more

Jun 20 2019

If she thought the Dallas intern was frisky on that one, wait till you see the alternate!

Jun 20 2019

So you are saying Deadspin should make this into a photoshop challenge?

Jun 20 2019

“Not for nothing, but with Williamson’s timing looking a bit off tonight, we can only speculate on the impact of his decision to recklessly sport a Citizen Eco on the team flight rather than his reliable Tissot time-keeper. Back to you, Mark.”

Jun 11 2019

Are people really upset about Burneko’s post or is this just a joke about how similar the two were? I feel like a dipshit but I can’t tell if people are actually upset at a post that was clearly meant to be satire. 

May 21 2019

So no more political discourse and since keeping politics out of sports is so important to these folks, no more national anthem before games, no more god bless america during the 7th inning stretch, no more military fly overs before football games, no more military reunions, camo-hats or uniforms, or giant american Read more