Tim Marchman
Editor at Special Projects Desk
8/23/19 3:41PM

Reynaldo Lopez has an impressive 3.10 ERA in his last eight starts, with a sterling 46/16 K/BB ratio and just four home runs allowed. To what extent has he turned a corner and is he setting up as a quality no. 2 pitcher, and to what extent is this run a product of his having faced the Oakland A’s twice (surrendering Read more

4/15/19 11:54AM

I was bummed Jon didn’t say, “Hey, I already know how to ride a dragon.”

3/14/19 2:18PM

He was ready for the majors last July. He has already been kept in the minors for months so that the White Sox can save money in the future.

3/14/19 1:11PM

This is a fair point and the article has been amended in the interests of the ethics.

1/21/19 10:45PM

That’s not an error; if you think about what diffusing and defusing are as actual physical actions you should see why.

1/21/19 9:44PM

A description of Phillips as “chanting” in this story has been changed to one of him “singing,” following this note from Dr. Adrienne Keene.

12/30/18 1:36PM

I think the most amazing thing might have been that Cyborg ate a good half-dozen shots that would have put pretty much anyone away and kept coming; it’s hardly like Nunes just happened to clip her.

12/13/18 2:58PM

I would like to apologize to listeners for forgetting that the White Sox HAVE a fucking Paul Konerko statue, especially since I’ve seen and gaped at it. Perils of live yakking.

12/07/18 9:47PM

I didn’t mean that as a knock on Stieb at all! The opposite: He’d be a perfectly fine Hall of Famer even if very few people think of him as one. That’s the difference between a great player who’d be a perfectly fine Hall of Famer and an all-time great, though—four years of peak performance. It’s a lot.

12/07/18 2:55PM

I think he’s pretty clearly the best post-integration pitcher and pretty heavily credit post-integration players over old-timers, so while I could see a case for someone like Walter Johnson over him, I just tend toward thinking he’s the best ever full stop. There were pitchers with comparable peaks even Read more

12/04/18 2:51PM

It beats sending A.J. Pierzynski to punch him in the dick and balls.

10/19/18 3:30PM

Chicago is a world unto itself, on par with anywhere you could ever go; Philadelphia is more a wonderful city where there are lots of lovely people and interesting things to do. If you don’t have a specific reason to pick Philly over Chicago, go with Chicago.

10/02/18 6:50PM

Having opinions about a subject of your coverage is not remotely like having a financial relationship with a subject of your coverage.

9/07/18 2:32PM

“Listen we’re disrupting fucking flight. I’m like ... since the black box always survives, let’s make the whole plane out of it.”