Chris Thompson
Staff Writer, Deadspin
10/24/19 1:42AM

Buddy, Kyrie was at his best playing alongside LeBron, but he also left that situation because he wanted a more prominent role. You can disagree with his belief in his own abilities, but he felt he was being stifled.

10/11/19 1:11AM

I think, in this case, it’s that I’ve been obsessing over the Nats-Dodgers series for the past 10 days, and mostly ignoring the American League. Also my brain really is a pile of garbage, wriggling with maggots.

10/09/19 8:31PM

This said the Braves were playing small-ball, which obviously makes no sense. I corrected it.

10/09/19 12:58PM

It was a private account, and she’d only granted access to people she considered trustworthy friends. This would be like someone sharing information from a group chat among friends and family, and then you coming along and saying “wELl tHeN yOu sHoUlDn’T hAvE cONveRsAtiOnS wITh pEoPlE yOu tRuSt!!”

9/24/19 10:53PM

I have probably never laughed harder than I did just now when I opened a reader email and learned that the troposphere is the lowest level of the earth’s atmosphere. All hits are in the troposphere! Read more

9/13/19 10:36AM

I have no idea how or why that happened, but I’ve now put a damn Twitter video in there that shows the play.