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Autistic Teen Has Perfect Bracket, Cannot Profit (UPDATE)

Alex Herrmann, 17, has a perfect bracket going at's Bracket Manager. The odds of this are one in 13,460,000. Get that kid a fake ID and a trip to a riverboat casino. UPDATE: The kid's bracket, below.

Hermann's bracket is now up on NBC Chicago. At least one anonymous reader thinks it's a ruse, for reasons I don't entirely understand. Writes "A": "He is in a bracket challenge where the commissioner can change picks, so him having a perfect bracket is true but only because the commissioner is changing his picks post game."


UPDATE II: My cynical skeptical informant may be referring to the message that the Bracket Manager pool manager receives after each member of the group has made their picks: "The brackets for the members of your league are now locked. Since you are the pool manager, you can continue to edit selections for both yourself and the other members of your league." Whether this means that pool managers can change picks post game or not remains unclear. If you know something, you know what to do.

Autistic Teen Picks First Two NCAA Rounds Perfectly [NBC Chicago]

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