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Awards And Titles, Ranked

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1. U.S. President

2. Fastest Man Alive

3. Greatest Rapper Alive

4. Astronaut

5. Reigning Academy Award Best Actor

6. Reigning Academy Award Best Actress

7. Reigning NBA MVP

8. Reigning Ballon d'Or Winner

9. Medal of Honor recipient

10. World's Strongest Man

11. Director of National Intelligence

12. U.S. Supreme Court Justice

13. Best Pound-for-Pound Fighter

14. Reigning NFL MVP

15. Reigning Academy Award Best Director

16. World's Best Poker Player

17. Nobel Laureate in Physics

18. Reigning BET Awards Best Artist (four main categories)

19. Reigning National Book Award winner

20. Reigning Miss Universe

21. Reigning Pulitzer Prize Winner

22. Richest Man Alive

23. Nobel Peace Prize recipient

24. Reigning World Chess Champion

25. Survivor winner

26. Reigning Tony Award Best Leading Actor/Actress

27. United States Poet Laureate

28. Emmy Award (any)

29. Reigning James Beard Award winner (any)

30. Eisner Award (any)

31. Reigning ESPY Best Team/Athlete

32. Grammy winner (any)

33. Reigning AVN Best Actress

34. Time Magazine Person Of The Year

35. The Charles 'Mask' Lewis Fighter of the Year (MMA)

36. Golden Globe winner (any)

37. Reigning AL MVP

38. Mark Messier Leadership Award

39. Reigning AVN Best Actor

40. American Idol winner

41. National Magazine Award winner

42. Reigning NL MVP

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