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And you thought Gregg Doyel's (silly) question was as rough as it could get in a postgame press conference.


After a 2-1 defeat at Kazakhstan's hands in a Euro 2012 qualifier, the Azerbaijani press corps decided to express their displeasure with some advocacy journalism.

Azerbaijan's national soccer team coach, German veteran Berti Vogts, was pelted with toilet paper at a news conference in Baku on Sunday by journalists angry about recent results.
The journalists — some of whom also gave Vogts a pitcher used for post-toilet washing in the mainly Muslim country — demanded the German's resignation after the team's Euro 2012 qualifier defeat to Kazakhstan on Friday.
Local media reported he intended to press charges against the perpetrators.


I suppose that green pitcher is a good example of the pitcher in question. It's Muslim custom—Azerbaijan is 99 percent Muslim, though its head coach isn't—to use such a jug after defecating in absence of a bidet. (We'll say, if possible, splurge on the bidet.)

Perhaps Vogts would be best advised to stop saying shit like this before losses to so-so teams: "Our aim for the next qualifier series will be to become the world champion in Brazil in 2014, win the European champion in 2016 (laugh in the hall). We have already become first in singing. We have already become one of the best in wrestling and judo. Now it's football's turn."

That is, of course, if he isn't fired before the next press conference. Azerbaijan plays Vogts' native Germany on Tuesday.

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