The fact that Aaron Hernandez tried to kiss hired babysitter Jennifer Fortier isn't particularly relevant to the alleged murder of Odin Lloyd—Fortier was on the stand for today's portion of the trial—but it's still interesting to see if Hernandez's fiancée Shayanna Jenkins has a change of heart about trying to cover for him.

Fortier said that she had seen Hernandez in Boston the Friday before the shooting. Hernandez told her to get in his car, and she asked for a ride to her car. Instead, they went to an apartment in Franklin, Mass., and smoked weed and drank with Lloyd and Fortier's friend. (Fortier says she didn't smoke or drink.)

Coincidentally, Fortier was paid significantly more when she babysat that following Sunday.

According to Fortier, Hernandez and Lloyd fell asleep, at which point Fortier and her friend took a cab back to their hotel.

Hernandez's defense cross-examined Fortier's story and picked at details:

Shayanna Jenkins reportedly wasn't in court today.

Photo: AP