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Bad Child Spared Demonization By Replay Call

Image via Tim Burke/GMG

Reasonable people may disagree about whether spectators should be bringing baseball gloves to professional baseball games. Is it lame? Probably not, so long as you are a child. But even if you are a child, there is one thing you for sure should not be doing at a professional baseball game: you should not be reaching anywhere near the wall to snag a live ball. This would be a good reason to not let your child bring a baseball glove to a professional baseball game if your seats are immediately along the wall.

And yet, here we are, in Game 2* of the ALCS: Carlos Correa smoked a liner deep to right field, where it was tracked to the wall by Aaron Judge:

Whether that ball is a goner without the kid’s interference or not, he absolutely reached across the wall to snag the ball on the fly. Baseball fans, have you learned nothing? Don’t let your kid do that! Stadium security apparently decided not to eject the little kid, who brushed right up against infamy in that tiny moment.


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