Beginning tomorrow, ESPN will broadcast the first two rounds of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, so during tonight’s NBA contest they ran a little promo for it. Unfortunately for ESPN and the Masters, play-by-play man Mike Breen went off-script and imagined a world in which Jeff Van Gundy was calling the Masters. And because Jeff Van Gundy just doesn’t give a shit, he didn’t need any more of an opening to launch a few quips about Augusta National’s long history of racism and sexism:

Van Gundy: Oh, like they didn’t allow black people and women in there? Something like that? ... Yeah, I’m glad we’re quiet about that. But anyway, how about Jack Nicklaus making a hole-in-one today in the par three tournament.

Mark Jackson: (laughing) You can’t go from blacks and women to Jack getting a hole-in-one.

Van Gundy: Well I’m going to say it. Would I have been wrong, like, maybe pointing that out, that there’s something wrong with that?

[The Big Lead]


Photo via Matt Slocum/AP

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