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Bad Fan Hocks Loogie Straight Into Face Of Soccer Player

This video of some typically crude and unsporting behavior in Argentina is queued up to begin where the real action starts, but if you’d like a little backstory, you can skip back to the beginning. On the other hand, if you just want to see a dude spit in a player’s face, just hit play and let it ride.

If you do scroll back to the beginning, you’ll see players for Argentine clubs Central Norte and Talleres de Perico sort of pushing each other in a fairly low-key scrum at the end of a cup match. As the visiting team makes its way into the tunnel—well, “tunnel”—a match steward who undoubtedly doubles as a huge fan of the home team unloads a mean one into the face of a player. He really gets his neck into it too. Very nasty stuff.


The steward soon realizes the folly of his ways and, wanting no part of a physical altercation with a trained athlete, scurries off while the aggrieved player chases after him. A couple of the spittee’s teammates try to help in chasing down and presumably beating the ass of the spitter, only for one of them, #9, to attempt an ill-advised flying kick. The blow does knock the loogie guy to the ground, but #9 takes the brunt of the damage as he lands awkwardly and hurts himself in the process, lying on the ground in pain.

With the spittee’s teammates in retreat, the spitter and a fellow fan find themselves with the upper hand against #9. They then decide to double down on their dickishness and start kicking the downed, wounded, loyal #9. Soon, though, the two jog away and less belligerent parties tend to #9. Ultimately, the spitter can be seen getting led off the pitch in handcuffs.

This has been your periodic reminder that Argentina is bad.


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