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Bad Hockey Man Viciously Slashes Opponent During Warmups

Andre Deveaux is a journeyman forward who's bounced around various hockey leagues, including the NHL, and now finds himself playing professionally for Rögle in Sweden. He also finds himself being a tremendous dick, and doing things like slashing an opposing player from behind during pregame warmups.

Before his team's recent game against Västerås, Deveaux snuck up behind Västerås defenseman Per Helmersson and hacked away at his knee. Deveaux was apparently retaliating for a big hit that Helmersson had put on him during a previous game. Afterward, Deveaux wasn't even sorry about his sneak attack (via Aftonbladet):

Västerås coach Martin Filander think you are a disgrace to the Swedish ice hockey, what do you say about that?

"I do not care about what their coach says, he should concentrate on their team."

Do you regret it?

"No. He played on, he was fine. I'll think about him while I celebrate with the team."



Update: The dude has been fired.

[Puck Daddy]

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