Baker Mayfield returns from arm injury to throw awesome block

He may not always be the most accurate passer, but he has plenty of toughness

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Pain don’t hurt, Baker.
Pain don’t hurt, Baker.
Image: Getty Images

Former No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield may not have the golden touch when passing the ball, but he showed the world last Sunday that he is one tough son of a gun. During the second quarter of the Browns’ 31-21 win over the Houston Texans, Mayfield launched a pass that was intercepted, but during the return, Mayfield attempted to mitigate his error by making the tackle. Mayfield successfully stopped the play, albeit with the most awkward takedown I’ve seen in a while.

Mayfield probably wishes he hadn’t opted to jump in there because he injured his left shoulder on the play, which is evident immediately after making the tackle. You can clearly see Mayfield’s left arm dangling as he gets up from the grass.

Of course, Mayfield wasn’t going to let an arm injury stop him from going back into a game that was tied 7-7. Later in the game, Mayfield is back on the field and throws one of the most fantastic blocks anyone has seen from a QB.


All any player really needs is one good arm to make a great block. If Mayfield threw the ball with the same vigor and confidence he put into that block, the Browns would be an unstoppable force on offense. The trash talk after the play might be even better than the block itself. Mayfield definitely buried the defender with one hand. And made it look rather easy while doing so.

Texans cornerback Terrance Mitchell will be hearing about this play for a long time. You know his boys at home were on his line hard after witnessing that play. What makes it worse is Mitchell spent the last three seasons as a teammate of Mayfield’s in Cleveland. Mitchell should have known not to underestimate the toughness of his former QB. Question his ability as a passer all you want, but never question his grit.


Luckily, the injury that served as a prelude to this block doesn’t appear to be much of anything to worry about. Top tier or not, there aren’t too many NFL teams that can afford to lose their starting QB for any significant amount of time for any reason.

“Obviously not an ideal situation. Trying to force [Reid] back inside. I think he realized it was me standing right there, so he put his head down and ran right after me,” Mayfield said of Justin Reid, the Texans defensive back who intercepted his pass then injured him on the same play. “It kind of popped in and out but I’m good. Nothing too serious.”