This is from Sunday's match at Vicente Calderon Stadium, where Atlético Madrid hosted Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo saved what would have been a Real Madrid loss and the first Atlético sweep of the series in 63 years with a late goal to make it a 2-2 draw, but who cares. This ball boy owned him so hard.

The whole thing is masterful. The kid hangs on to the ball and since time is running out and Real Madrid was still down a goal, Ronaldo gets animated with him. The kid responds with a go-fuck-yourself shoulder shrug and then holds the ball out like he's going to give it to him, so Ronaldo runs over to get it. As soon as Ronaldo gets close, he throws it away with a contemptuous little toss. Amazing.

Poor Cristiano. It's been a rough couple of weeks for him at Calderon.