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Bango Goes Down!

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Earlier we showed you the incredible true story of a basketball shot banked in off the crotch of Bango, the Milwaukee Buck. What you didn't see was the tragic aftermath of that horrible day.

Astute observers may have noticed that Bango took a bit of a tumble on the play and limped off slowly into the background during the final seconds of the video. A press release we just got breaks the terrible news—it turns out that Bango suffered a right knee injury and will need surgery.


Don't you worry though—Bango is a gamer.

While gazelle-like dunks and agile maneuvers around the court will be impossible for a time, the heart of Bucks game-night entertainment and the emotional leader of Bucks fans of all ages will continue to lead fan enthusiasm at home games. He will miss few – if any – home games, and the Energee! Dance team, Hoop Troop, Rim Rockers, Air Bango, Super Force, and newly formed Bucks Wild! percussion drumline will continue to fill the court in support of Bango."

Hey, Rumble? Put that in your straw and suck it. Just as a side note: would it be possible for the Bucks to squeeze more annoyingly peppy people on to the court during a time out? Is this an NBA game or "America's Got Talent"?


Now Bango is out with an injury [Journal-Sentinel]

P.S. Oh, and Tracy McGrady is out for the season, but he's not an emotional leader like Bango. [AP]

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