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Banned Dodgers Fan Arrested At Reds Game

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One of the greatest mysteries in sports, answered: When a bad fan is banned for life from a ballpark, is there ever an actual way to keep him from getting in? At least for deranged Dodgers superfan "Troy from West Virginia," apparently so.

Troy Sexton, 40, from Hurricane, W.V., was arrested at Great American Ball Park on Tuesday night, six years after being banned from Reds games after taking part in a fight so big they had to stop play. He's been charged with criminal trespass and obstructing official business, and faces a felony count of burglary.

So, how did ballpark workers catch Sexton? Apparently he gave ample warning: according to a police affidavit, Sexton promised he "was coming to the ball park to 'shatter lives' the next couple days."


In 2009, after being arrested for calling the local police chief a racial slur and pushing his own son to the ground, Sexton's wife testified that he has a history of mental illness.

Sexton is well-known to Dodgers fans for his online presence, including a series of videos declaring an unhealthy love for former L.A. reliever Joe Beimel. Here's a classic from the Sexton oeuvre:

Sexton has been ordered jailed on $40,000 bond. He could face up to three years in prison.

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