What they're saying in Blogopolis about No. 756. We apologize for the use of that word, by the way. At least we didn't say "sphere."

Hank Aaron And Bondsian Irony. As much as we'll always remember Barry for his slow home run gangster limp and towering moon shots, we'll also never forget when a one and a half legged Sid Bream beat out his throw from left field back when he was a Pirate. Or the fact that Barry's never won a championship. Did he make a Faustian deal where he would be the all time home run leader, living in infamy for six or seven years before being dethroned but always being denied the championship that he longed for so badly during the early stages of his career? Probably too much to hope for. [Brahsome]

756 .. Or 756*. So, Barry hit 756 tonight. When I heard about it, I checked it out at Yahoo! Sports, and saw (photo with asterisk). I thought to myself... Whoa.. really? Yahoo! is gonna start the whole * thing with this one? Firing shots over the bow immediately. Well, about 10 minutes later, I reload the page, and see:... (same photo, no asterisk). Hmmmm.. [Dennis Yang.com]

Open Overnight Barry Thread. Congratulations to Barry Bonds. And because I was actually there, man, I can tell you the truth. I can give you a first-hand account of what REALLY WENT DOWN. I can tell you what those hacks at ESPN are TOO SCARED to tell you: There were more cheers than boos. [McCovey Chronicles]


Booooo! It was an exciting moment, even if the overall event leaves me dead inside. Barry Bonds is a no-doubt great player. He's also a cheat, and a drug abuser. He probably doesn't deserve to be singled out, but as the best player with one of the largest contracts, that just comes with the territory. I don't celebrate what he did. The feeling I have inside is akin to the tone that the always classy Hank Aaron spoke with. Just matter of fact. Cordial, but not warm. It is (to use the overused cliche) what it is. [Capitol Punishment]

Come And Drink The Kool-Aid With Me. Barry Bonds is now the new home run king. And for maybe the first time in the last 5 years, ESPN actually did some real reporting by talking with one of the authors of Game of Shadows about Barry's legacy. Although they also did their absolute best to drag Barry through the mud in what I wouldn't exactly describe as objective journalism. But when was I ever expecting objective journalism from ESPN anyway. Of course most people out there aren't very happy. A roided up jackass athlete without much class has taken the home run record away from a dignified, classy, and clean player. [100 Percent Injury Rate]


756*. So... complete drug-cheat San Francisco's Barry Bonds now holds the MLB Home Run record. May I remind you Barry, you don't have the pro-baseball record just yet tho'. You still have 112 to go. [With Malice]

Our Place In The 756 Club. And the fan who caught Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run? Our old pal Dave O'Brien just reported with a touch of astonishment that he's wearing a Mets jersey. Who says we're not a part of home run history? [Faith And Fear In Flushing]


Asterisk-esque! Many Americans will take this opportunity to be hatin'* (* — when they should be congratulatin') while failing to either acknowledge or appreciate the science which went into creating a talented-but-unlikable test-tube slugger* (* — apparently, BALCO never perfected the synthesization of proteins for "congeniality"). [Planet Haystack]

756*. This is everything that tears at my soul about the current state of professional sports. I love to see human beings doing superhuman things. Vlad hits a baseball off his shoelaces 400 feet. Phil Hughes makes a sphere dance like a marionette. Reyes goes from second to third in the time it takes me to stand up and cheer. But when these superhuman feats are bought, packaged, and produced in a lab, it does more than cheapen them. It robs the entire sport of its grace, its mystique. Logic dictates that I must suspect everyone; given what we know, there is no player above suspision. But I want to believe that these supermen are real, that with a little different luck or a different skill set, I could be one of them. I don't know how to continue loving this game. I don't want to stop loving it. [Pinstripe Alley]