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Barry Bonds Hollas Bat

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Since Roger Clemens has taken center stage as the poster doughboy for steroid use in baseball, Barry Bonds has quietly faded into the background. There will be an update on his perjury charges here, a question about why no MLB team is courting him there, but, for the most part, all of the shrieking Bonds ire has dissipated.


This shift in anger (or interest) is no more apparent than when Barry ridiculously popped up in rapper David Banner's video for "Get Like Me," showing off his swing and sporting a nondescript baseball hat straight out of a Tom Emanski video. Banner did his best to put it out there as a positive addition for his new video, not grasping how kind of bizarre it is :

"Barry Bonds came out!" Banner said with pride. "You know how y'all like to have your rappers' friends — Barry Bonds is here. Barry came fresh out of court to come holla at me. That's real."


Fresh out of court? Surreal, maybe. Bonds appears in the video at the 49 second mark. Maybe this is the only way he can attempt to generate interest from any teams looking for a big left handed bat in their lineup.

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