Barry Hits #750, Loses Game, Wins A Friend

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• Miguel Montero > Barry Bonds. Barry hit #750 last night, a 3-2 breaking ball over the rightfield wall that delighted people all over ... well, Pac Bell Park. He's now just 5 short of Hank Aaron, but he does trail Diamondback Miguel Montero in the statistical category of "people who won baseball games on Friday, June 29, 2007." Montero parked one in the rightfield seats to beat the Giants in the top of the 10th, and then it was Bonds, grounding out meekly to first to end the game, 4-3. Bonds also had an odd little encounter with a fan last night, as some drunk hippie-looking guy wondered out into left field, and Barry put his arm around him like an old friend. Seems a little odd, but I don't know... maybe Barry just doesn't have a lot of friends.

• The Padres Will Beat Your Ass. The Padres beat the Dodgers and no one get their ass kicked ... I only mention this because the Padres yesterday traded to bring Milton Bradley to a team that also recently acquired Michael Barrett. So this might not happen too often. Trevor Hoffman picked up the save after the Padres let the Dodgers cut a 7-2 lead down to 7-6 in the ninth.


• Troy Percival Is The Natural. Troy Percival, who hadn't thrown a major league pitch in two years, threw a scoreless seventh inning for the Cards yesterday against the Reds, and ended up getting the win in a 4-2 decision. Manager Tony LaRussa is more excited about it than I am. "It's a dream come true. He gets three outs and gets the winning decision. That's movie material," he said. Tony LaRussa must watch some really boring movies.

• Fat Guys Can Hit For Cycles, Too. Aubrey Huff's words, not mine. "As a 235-pound fat guy, you get a triple out of the way, that's something. After I got the double, it kind of snuck in my mind." The triple was his 1,000th hit, and the double was his 200th double. It's all very symmetrical and tidy. Except the O's lost 9-7 when Howie Kendrick put the Angels ahead with a home run in the 9th.