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Baseball Argument Escalates Into Umpire Grabbing Manager By The Throat

More zaniness from Taiwan's Chinese Professional Baseball League, the only baseball league in the world that really matters. And this one involves Manny Ramirez's old team, the EDA Rhinos, in a recent game against the Brother Elephants. Man, even the baseball team names in Taiwan are perfect.


Here we have the Rhinos' pitcher getting called for a balk by an umpire who sounds like he's from the American South. The ump's call brings a protest from the Rhinos' manager. There's some familiar posturing on both sides until the 1:05 mark, when the ump tosses the manager. That brings a chest-bump from the manager, which in turn leads to a throat-grab by the ump. A few F-bombs get get thrown about—the phrase "fuck you" is universal, after all—and everyone stands around shouting for a bit before play resumes.

But how about the poor guy in the purple polo shirt who had to dash onto the field to interpret the manager's exchange with the ump? By ensuring this fight went as seamlessly as possible, he certainly does his job. And we'd be re-miss if we didn't also point you to the Google translate of the video's description on YouTube:

CPBL Da vs 4 brothers inning Linchen Hua was arrested balk triggered Bryan Huang Jiong Long hot conflict

Arrested balk triggered hot conflict! Only in the CPBL.

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