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Baseball Fans Puking Is The New Viral Hotness

The Harlem Shake is dead. Filming your kid crying after a loss? In 2013, that's about as cool as Tebowing. No, there's only one sports meme that's taking the world by storm: lightweight baseball fans vomiting their guts out at ballparks.

The season's barely a week old, and we've already seen a Blue Jays fan boot 'n' rally like a champ. This photo of a Nats fan barfing on his buddy's shoe is art. And now comes this video from Sunday, of a Brewers fan who couldn't even make it into Miller Park before filling a trash can.


If you noted his oddly colored vomit, there's a reason for that. The person who filmed this video and sent it to us describes the puker's tailgating diet:

Dude was drinking some sort of Strawberry Margarita in a can on the way up to the game. Ate about 4 bags of Doritos, a King-Size Kit Kat and who knows what else.

So: that's horribly gross. But unfortunately, it's out of our hands. MLB fans vomiting is a cultural force bigger than you or us. Keep sending them in.

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