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Baseball Owners And Their Emoticons

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In yet another example of how Red Sox fans are so frighteningly devoted that they can get the people who run their team to do anything, Red Sox owner John Henry showed up on Sons Of Sam Horn yesterday to respond to various fans' questions. Say what you will about the coldness of Red Sox management, but they are popping up in online fan forums. We can't imagine, say, George Steinbrenner pulling that.

The answers are even different than a typical press conference, with interesting responses to interesting questions. And the best part: He even uses an emoticon! ("I shortened your 12 questions, JP, into 2. :D ") This is outstanding. We support baseball owners users emoticons at all possible moments. Mark Cuban could be pumped up three times the normal size, screaming all the time. Daniel Snyder could be a miniature head with tweedy glasses. And Al Davis? The Al Davis emoticon has shades, a Frankie Avalon pompadour and brings in all the stray emoticons that have crashed other people's computers. It could be fun, you know? Maybe it's too early in the morning.


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