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Pro tip: If you're going to use somebody else's pee to try and weasel your way out of a drug test, don't borrow pee from the guy who has an Adderall prescription.


That's a lesson that University of Texas pitcher Cory Knebel and one of his teammates just learned the hard way. Knebel reportedly gave his urine to an unnamed teammate in order to help him avoid failing a team-mandated drug test, only to have that plan backfire when the test came back positive for Adderall. From the Dallas Morning News:

The test came back positive when Adderall—which Knebel is prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder—was found in the urine. Adderall is banned by the NCAA.

According to a source, after being pressed multiple times about why he failed the drug test, the teammate, who isn’t prescribed Adderall, admitted to Texas that the urine was Knebel’s.


As a result, Knebel was suspended by the team for committing a "violation of team rules." No word yet on what will become of Knebel's teammate, who should at least be punished for being a low-down snitch. Just because the piss you borrowed came back dirty doesn't mean you can bring your teammate down with you, guy. It just means that you suck at planning.


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