We've gone over this before, but there's no sport that can match baseball for pure draft nepotism.

Some of them are legit prospects: Colin Moran, J.P Crawford, and Hunter Harvey went in the first round. But most won't amount to anything, despite their superior baseball genetics. It's still understandable: the PR of taking a legend's son, or even a great-grandnephew more than outweighs the value available the 35th round. Now that the 2013 draft is in the books, let's run down the bloodlines.

Sons and grandsons:

  • Craig Biggio's son
  • Roger Clemens's son
  • Andy Pettitte's son
  • Torii Hunter's son
  • Bucky Dent's son
  • Clay Bellinger's son
  • Edwin Diaz's son
  • Ned Eades's son
  • Mike Benjamin's son
  • Bryan Harvey's son
  • Paul Quantrill's son
  • Calvin Schiraldi's son
  • Kirt Manwaring's son
  • Jamie Moyer's son
  • Scott Nielsen's son
  • Lee Mazzilli's son
  • Tim Wallach's son
  • Walt Weiss's son
  • John Farrell's son
  • Tim Unroe's son
  • Ed Williams's son
  • Frank Wren's son
  • Mark Leiter's son (and Al Leiter's nephew)
  • Vance Law's son (and Vern Law's grandson)
  • Lee May's grandson
  • Carl Yastrzemski's grandson


  • Jason Heyward's brother
  • Justin Verlander's brother
  • Rex Brothers's brother
  • Kyle Seager's brother
  • A.J. Griffin's brother
  • Nolan Arenado's brother


  • Carl Crawford's cousin
  • Brad Lidge's cousin
  • B.J. Surhoff's nephew
  • Paul O'Neill's nephew
  • Gary Sheffield's nephew
  • Robin Yount's nephew
  • Chris Speier's nephew
  • "Shoeless" Joe Jackson's great-grandnephew


  • Manny Ramirez's son
  • Kurt Bevacqua's son
  • Rafael Palmeiro's son
  • Pat Borders's son
  • Jay Buhner's son
  • John Cangelosi's son
  • John Franco's son
  • Bob Geren's son
  • Frank Wren's other son
  • Harmon Killebrew's grandson
  • Willie Stargell's grandson
  • Alex Rodriguez's nephew
  • Dan Plesac's nephew
  • Ruben Amaro's nephew