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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bayern Munich Score Twice In Extra Time, Beat Juventus In Balls-Out Comeback

This is why Bayern are rightly considered one of the two best teams on the planet. Under immense pressure, down two goals to a great Juventus side, the Germans stormed back to tie the game up in regulation, then finished the job by adding another two in extra time.


The second goal, seen above, was scored by Juventus’s own former player, Kingsley Coman. After joining the Germans this summer on loan (with an option to buy that Bayern will certainly exercise ASAP), the teenaged French winger has been a revelation. The speed, shiftiness, and knack for scoring he showed off on his goal today are the very qualities that have catapulted him from promising young Juve prospect to legitimate Bayern stud.


It was another of Pep Guardiola’s favorite youngsters, Thiago Alcâtara, who scored the go-ahead goal just minutes earlier. After struggling to break down Juve’s dense defense—a protective shell they’d crawled into in order to shield that seemingly commanding 2-0 lead—for most of the second half of regulation and beyond, Bayern did manage to slither themselves into enough space to create something a couple of times with quick combinations and movement, as demonstrated on their third goal:

You have to feel a little bad for Juventus, who came so close to pulling off the huge upset. However, Bayern’s win will save us from an unending stream of braindead anti-Pep takes, so maybe the right result came to pass, after all.

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