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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bayern Munich Unveils New Soccer Uniforms With Models and Techno Dance

Sometimes we think that American sports teams have lost all grip with reality. Then we get a video like this from Europe. Honestly, I'm almost speechless. My favorite thing from this video, and there are many, is the photographers jostling with one another to get the perfect shot. If you were a photographer and you showed up for this thing wouldn't you just slam your camera into your head until you were unconscious?


Also, I keep thinking which American sports franchise I'd most like to pull off something like this? My top football choice is the Dallas Cowboys. Only I want them to replace the dancing cheerleaders with actual players and Jerry Jones. The NBA? Gotta go with the San Antonio Spurs. College football? Charlie Weis by himself.

No matter what your predilections are, this much is clear: we must have ze German interpretative dancing.

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