Baylor Beer Burglar Baffles BBQ Bozos

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Baylor lost to UConn this weekend—yes, football—but the campus isn't really concerned about the Bears' gridiron woes. They'd much rather talk about a girl who might have stolen beer out of some frat guy's cooler while tailgating.

Except they can't talk about it because the thread on the Baylor fan forum discussing the incident—the one that featured pictures of a Coors-filching lass caught in the act, generated eight pages of comments, tens of thousands of hits, and links from Big 12 fans everywhere—has mysteriously disappeared. Just like the beer!

WHAT IS BAYLORFANS.COM HIDING? Why are they protecting this (alleged!) bootlegger? The original thread claimed this still unidentified girl was caught not once, but twice, lifting cold ones from a cooler that did not belong to her. It somehow involves rival tailgate factions and the bad mustaches of the Sig Eps fraternity. Facebook searches have been launched, beer reparations demanded. What would her parents think? What would God think?


(If the allegations are true, she has violated the Christian ethics code of Baylor University! I'm not sure where underage drinking and online shaming fall in that code.)

I think this follow up thread puts things in perspective for us all.

Subject: 30,000 VIEWS?!! Are you kidding me?!
That is awesome. Has to be the greatest thread ever on internet sports message boards. Probably more views that Erin Andrews nude.


Yes. Probably.

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