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Bears Exist Despite The Wretched, Incompetent, Vapid Mess That Is Rex Grossman

Now listen: We know and understand how inconsistent Bears quarterback Rex Grossman has been there year. Anyone who had him in fantasy football understand that. But the guy is not Kyle Orton (mostly); you could even have made an argument for him (and Brett Favre) as the third Pro Bowl quarterback after Drew Brees and Marc Bulger (instead of Tony Romo). We know that says more about quarterbacking in the NFC than it does Grossman's inherent skill, but our point is: The guy's not completely helpless ... all the time, at least.

But yeah, this guy can't catch a break. Even in victory, in a game in which he played decent, it's all in spite of Grossman. Here's the lead from the AP game story yesterday:

Two swings of the foot by Robbie Gould were all the Chicago Bears needed to offset any shortcomings in Rex Grossman's arm.


Oof. Hey, thanks. Fear Rex! Meanwhile, the Bears, a team everyone has complained about all season long, is a home game away from their first Super Bowl in 21 years. Oh, and hey: Did you guys hear kicker Robbie Gould was working construction 16 months ago? Well, he was. What a triumphant story. He used to hammer nails, and now he hammers game-winning kicks. Get it?

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