Bears Fan And Jaguars Fans Fight To Defend The Honor Of Their Terrible Teams

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A Bears fan has no ground to start talking shit, especially right after losing at home to the Jaguars. He should especially avoid repeatedly yelling “Go fuck yourself” to any Jaguars fans that he sees.

On the other side of that coin, a Jaguars fan should take the high ground in the presence of a misguided heckler, and silently enjoy a 2-3 record. None of this happened, of course. The Jaguars fan engaged the shit-talking Bears fan; the Bears fan punched the Jaguars fan; and the Jaguars fan’s two friends chose to defend their shitty team by beating up the guy in the headband and Matt Forte jersey:


The most important takeaway from this video is that there are either three Jaguars fans in Chicago, or three Jaguars fans who are willing to travel to Chicago to watch Blake Bortles.