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Bears Take Giants To Overtime With Buzzer-Beating "Philly Special"

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It’s been nearly eight months since the Eagles pulled off their brilliant trick play against the Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl, and teams are still having a hard time seeing it coming. Having used all of their timeouts, the Bears had just one more opportunity—and one more yard—to send their game against the Giants into overtime when they lined up with three seconds remaining. Chase Daniel snapped the ball, flipped it to Trey Burton to fake the reverse to Tarik Cohen and, well, you know the rest.

A lot had to go right for Chicago to get them into this position in the first place. After settling for the field goal on the previous drive, the Bears managed to recover the ensuing onside kick—an accomplishment that’s almost been legislated out of existence with the new kickoff rules preventing players from getting running starts beforehand—which was just the fourth time a team had done so this season. Next, the Bears not only had to drive down the field, but also had to rely on a defensive pass interference against the Giants to put them at the one-yard line to pull off the play.


Unfortunately, all of that effort was ultimately for naught as the Giants went on to win the game in overtime, after forcing three fumbles on Chicago’s final drive.

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