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Beau Hossler Is Young, Has A Missing Caddy

On the third hole of the final day at the U.S. Open, our teenaged Beau hit a shot into the sand. He would get on the green on his next shot, though likely gritting his be-braced teeth—what with all the sand and aggravation. His caddy then went to clean up after him in the bunker. But, it appears he did not realize that Hossler was away and shooting before Jason Dufner.

Dufner, to his credit, got the youngster his putter and they continued on with the hole like nothing happened. The folks at NBC gave Hossler and his caddy a bit of an "amateur hour" hard time, but it's still a pretty cool move on Dufner's part. Maybe it settles the kid down and he wins the whole damned thing. [NBC]

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