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Because This Had To End With Tim Hardaway Being Nude On YouTube

Tim Hardaway might not enjoy gay people, but I really think it could give us all a chance to heal if gay people had a chance to enjoy Tim Hardaway. And since there's already footage available on YouTube that might facilitate this healing process... I feel morally obligated to bring it to you.

I really went back and forth on whether or not I should post this. If it was any more explicit, I wouldn't have. You can't see any ding-dong here. There are four of these clips (be sure to check out Tim rubbing lotion on his ass in clip #2) on YouTube, and why they exist or how they got there, I haven't the foggiest idea. I just thought I'd pass it along.

It does call into doubt Will's headline from earlier this week, though: "Tim Hardaway Wants Only Straight Men To See His Penis." I think deep down, whether he can admit it or not... Tim Hardaway wants everyone to see his penis.


Tim Hardaway Naked In The Locker Room - (3 of 4) [YouTube]

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