Bees Invade Giants-Reds Game

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When it comes to bees, they get what they want. Today, they wanted to be at the Cincinnati Reds’ stadium as the team was getting ready to play against the Giants

The bees swarmed the field just as the Reds were taking the field for the scheduled 12:35 start. The umpires ordered the players off the field, and everyone just sort of stood around and watched the bees for a little bit.

Reds utility man Derek Dietrich, who donned an exterminator’s outfit, was brave enough to run on the field and attempt to dance the bees away, as best I can tell.


Per The Mercury News, the bees did not have much stamen power. They departed of their own accord—or perhaps due to Dietrich’s antics—and only caused a delay of 18 minutes.


It was not the first bee delay in Giants-Reds history. On April 17, 1976, the two teams were delayed for 35 minutes by an estimated 5,000-10,000 honeybees.