Georgetown University sent a hype-man of an email to graduates and others in June. Oh, what could have been if things didn't devolve to diplomacy decimation with the quickness.

Dear Member of the Georgetown Community,

Many of you have been following the men's basketball team since your first day of freshman year. Did you ever think you could follow the team to China?

This August, the Hoyas will travel to Beijing and Shanghai for their first overseas trip in two decades. You have a unique opportunity to interact with the coaches and players unlike any other time or place in the world.

Join the team and Georgetown leaders to meet with Chinese officials, participate in cultural and community service programs, connect with alumni and-of course-watch the Hoyas in exhibition basketball games against the leading teams in China.

If you are interested in joining us in one or both cities or have questions for our planning team, please email us at:

You can find a full itinerary and travel details online.

The tipster who forwarded this email would rather remain unidentified. It was unclear whether he feared the wrath of China or the Georgetown community more.