Next week some unlucky people will choose to spend their Black Friday evening mingling and Macarena-ing with ol' chums at their high school reunion. Even if your high school experience was enjoyable and you still keep in touch with some of your buds and bros, this night is mostly just one drawn out awkward social interaction. It's like speed-dating with people you loathe. The good catch-up chats feel forced ("Hey there, guy! No more forehead acne! Good to see you!") and the bad ones will haunt you for life ("So I'm sorry to hear you lost your leg in a skiing accident! It's good to see you still have those pretty eyes, though!"). The reward for your attendance is a few new Facebook friends you don't want and the sobering realization that fooling around with Suzy Frockenmeier in the back of a bus doesn't make you cool anymore. Especially since she lost her leg in a skiing accident.

Send us your experiences so we can give some of the readers crippling social anxiety before they attend their own high school reunions over that weekend. The two best entries will then receive a Deadspin prize pack filled with the usual crap from our desk. Send your entries here with the "High School Reunion Stories" in the subject line.